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BMC Cloud Cost Control

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control provides complete visibility and granular control over infrastructure costs. Regardless of whether your infrastructure is on-premises or hosted by one or more public cloud providers, you can effectively manage costs and control operating expenses.

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control uses machine learning to optimize resource utilization and multi-cloud infrastructure costs. With simulated migration, you can properly determine public cloud resource needs, compare costs, and plan operational budgets. A single view of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure usage and spend keeps you in control of infrastructure costs and utilization. By automatically detecting anomalous spending patterns and tracking daily spend, you can prevent costly budget overruns. Additionally, automated recommendations for optimizing resource usage helps you reduce cost and eliminate wasted spend.

  • Govern infrastructure costs
  • Optimize resource usage
  • Maximize use of reserved instances (RIs)
  • Predictive budget management
  • Simulate migrations

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