Enable IT operations with cloud- and vendor-agnostic infrastructure monitoring and management

TrueSight Infrastructure Management brings together enterprise-class monitoring, event management, and operational analytics data, giving IT teams a centralized, 360-degree view of the health and performance of their IT infrastructure. Enable greater efficiency when you move from the traditional bottom-up approach to IT infrastructure management

  • Broad and deep coverage – Out-of-the-box coverage for key technology vendors, and customizable integrations via APIs, SDKs, scripts, and Sentry Monitoring Studio
  • ITSM integration – Integrate TrueSight with Remedy Service Management for automated ticket creation, enrichment, and routing
  • Cloud-ready – Monitor the health and performance of IT infrastructure and application resources across a multi-cloud environment
  • Smart Reporting - Create stunning drag-and-drop reports in minutes

Monitoring and Event Management

Get a bird’s eye view of your IT infrastructure

  • Define and perform telemetry from the end user perspective to solve business problems, rather than blindly reacting to state changes in infrastructure components.
  • Pinpoint and prioritize your most critical business issues—regardless of source—significantly streamlining subsequent event and impact management efforts
    • Focus on events that occur when an infrastructure metric falls outside of normal parameters, and prioritize by event severity
    • Troubleshoot the root cause of degraded application performance by diving into underlying infrastructure metrics, events, and logs
    • Cuts cost by eliminating the need to manage thousands of traditional, static thresholds for event generation.
    • Detect, analyze, and act on events impacting the business by Reducing event volume by decreasing event noise. Decrease false alarms by up to 90%
    • Automatically generate incident tickets, notifying the service desk before users are impacted. Resolve 40% more incidents automatically
  • Simplify operations with a manager-of-managers by integrating events from specialty monitors or 3rd party systems

Behavioral Learning

Reduce event noise through dynamic baselining
TrueSight uses patented self-learning, self-configuring analytics that automatically discover and learn the behavioral and performance trends for monitored infrastructure and application components.

  • IT operations analytics – Use behavioral learning and log analytics to reduce MTTR. Lower MTTR (mean time to repair) by up to 75%.
  • Continuously learn normal and abnormal behavior of infrastructure and application services
  • See events only when there is significant abnormal behavior and reliably predict potential problems. Warn IT when a metric is trending out-of-band, up to 3 hours before a baseline is breached, with predictive analytics.

Probable Cause Analysis

Uncover underlying evidence

  • Get visibility into problems as they develop, allowing you to diagnose intermittent performance issues on-demand
    • TrueSight Infrastructure uses machine learning to continuously correlate millions of data points collected from every monitored application component and automatically identifies a small number of potential causes.
  • Automatically collect detailed diagnostic data across data sources to accelerate problem diagnosis
    • Applying intelligent filtering and leveraging service relationships further reduces the list and ranks them according to their likely contribution to the problem being diagnosed.


TrueSight Machine learning mines log data to reveal root cause

TrueSight IT Data Analytics takes IT operations management to the next level with machine-assisted analysis of log data, metrics, events, changes and incidents. Automatically sift through millions of messages to solve problems faster. 3 steps to better operations through log analytics

  • Log Collection
  • Log collection for the entire enterprise
    • Encompasses cross-domain collection and indexing and analytics of logs and other machine data, such as events, anomalies, and change and incident records
    • Consolidates and connects log data from operating systems, the service desk, applications, storage, network devices and more, in a single view
    • Is TLS-compliant for secure data collection

Collecting Log Data

  • Analyze to reduce MTTR
                Fast and easy analysis to reduce MTTR
    • Single-click from event to see all associated log data intelligently filtered based on the time of the event and the device or application being managed
    • Quickly process large volumes of data with built-in algorithms that reduce hundreds of thousands of log messages into an actionable few
    • Identify trends and anomalies in log files that can help prevent upcoming issues
    • Search for anomalous behavior and identify patterns and deviations with behavioral learning

Fast and Easy Log Analysis

  • Proactive Notification for problem management
            Log-assisted problem management
    • Send proactive events into TrueSight Infrastructure Management
    • Log-enriched events automatically open contextualized incidents in Remedy or other service desk solution which automatically routes incidents to the correct owner and ties the incident to its corresponding business service for proactive notification when that service is impacted

Proactive Notification


Go beyond monitoring for deep user experience insight

TrueSight AppVisibility is an APM solution, powered by AIOps and designed for IT operations, that correlates application performance, digital experience and infrastructure resources to continuously improve services that depend on multi-cloud infrastructure.

  • Get instant insight into the performance of applications and the behavior of users with real and synthetic end-user experience management
  • Pinpoint which users, transactions, and application calls are affecting performance
  • Isolate slow or failing transactions between application stack components
  • Manage cloud and hybrid applications on and off-premises from a single interface
Improve application performance across your multi-cloud infrastructure with machine learning and advanced analytics

  • Application-centric infrastructure monitoring shows application tiers and related events in a single view, making it easy to drill down to more information
  • Synthetic transaction management uses scripted recordings of web and client application transactions to simulate the expected behavior of end users.
  • Passive end-user experience monitoring tracks usage trends and KPIs by examining user interactions with the application
  • Active end-user experience monitoring provides real-time visibility into user transactions, using advanced JavaScript injection
  • Application component deep dive automatically discovers and maps an application’s topology to identify the specific code where there is a problem


Ensure application and infrastructure performance through middleware management  
TrueSight middleware management software provides real-time monitoring and administration for messaging-oriented middleware environments including IBM® MQ, Integration Bus (IIB) and DataPower and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS).

  • TrueSight Middleware Management gives you a cross-enterprise view of your middleware environment with the context needed to prevent service disruptions and respond quickly when problems occur.
  • Proactively identify middleware problems that may affect service delivery
  • Monitor middleware software and hardware, including IBM MQ, DataPower, and Integration Bus (IIB)
  • Determine the status of any middleware object, anywhere in your environment, without having to log into each host
  • Satisfy service delivery expectations with automated middleware performance management and administration for your hybrid data center.

TrueSight Middleware Monitor

Provides real-time monitoring combined with proactive notifications about potential problems to help customers keep their middleware layer performing optimally.

  • In-depth reporting enables customers to analyze historical data to identify trends and solve recurring problems.
  • Maximize application availability by proactively detecting problems and resolving them automatically.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency for managing, administering, and troubleshooting middleware systems with flexible dashboards for infrastructure and application views
  • Mitigate risk by identifying potential and existing problems and their impact to business applications
  • Identify important data trends to establish baselines and feed capacity planning
  • Monitor a wide array of middleware technologies with a single solution

TrueSight Middleware Administrator

Provides a secure, intuitive interface that IT teams can use to perform common tasks in IBM® MQ and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) environments. User roles and permissions keep IT working only in the areas they should, while the user-friendly interface provides tools suitable for test and development staff in addition to middleware administrators.

  • Simplify common administrator tasks with self-service, roles-based access
  • Gain self-service access to middleware objects without logging into each host
  • Enable role-based access to message data with integrated search capabilities
  • Eliminate the need for messaging middleware platform specific skills by simplifying administration tasks through a Web-based interface
  • Protect security by ensuring that only authorized users have access to relevant infrastructure objects
  • Complete audit of all user interactions and change activity

Middleware holds your hybrid infrastructure and applications together—TrueSight makes managing it easy.
  • Proactive Operations
               Detect, alert, notify and trend data for proactive problem identification
    • Detects events and notifies users when the middleware infrastructure is negatively affecting business operations
    • Highly scalable and easily configurable with out-of-the-box policies
    • Fully customizable detection rules and actions
    • Identifies trends so you can predict future requirements and analyze system issues
    • Alert on any combination of properties of any objects across technologies and systems
    • Fully integrated into TrueSight Operations Management
  • Application Behaviour
               Improve business reliability with end-to-end middleware monitoring
    • Create users and groups to control access to the server and middleware functions
    • Visualize application flow and relationships across systems (mainframe and distributed) and middleware technologies
    • See real-time application performance statistics in dashboards
    • Bridge the gap between infrastructure and application management with added middleware visibility
  • Infrastructure Optimization
               Gain historical insight into rates and response times
    • Captures historical information such as rates and response times for each middleware application component to validate that SLAs are met
    • Provides standard and custom reports and charts to support time-based analysis of performance, trending, and capacity planning
    • Stores data in a relational database that may be integrated with enterprise reporting engines
    • Integrates with TrueSight Capacity Optimization for what-if analysis on rates and response times
  • Administration
              View, troubleshoot, and administer messaging objects
    • Central access to IBM MQ and TIBCO EMS from a standard web browser
    • Role-based security and views to increase developer and tester productivity
    • Intelligent search for message data and objects
    • Custom tags on objects to see favorites
    • Agentless deployment means no software install required on middleware systems or desktops
    • Logs all user interactions to establish an audit-ready history
    • Integrates with Main View for mainframe applications in addition to distributed and cloud environments


TrueSight Capacity Optimization aligns IT resources with service demands, optimizing resource usage and reducing costs.

Enterprise and Cloud Visibility Gain insight into your infrastructure utilization and needs IT infrastructure resources are the foundation for running the digital enterprise. Do you have the right resources for expected service or upcoming growth? Without clear visibility into your on premise and cloud infrastructure utilization, your digital services—and your budget—can be at risk.

  • Capacity views: View the health—usage, risk, efficiency—of the compute, storage, and network resources in your data center
  • Forecast analytics: Plan for future needs using correlation analysis between business drivers and resources utilization metrics
  • Reservations: Allocate and schedule IT resources needed for deploying new applications day-one
  • Insights: Keep stakeholders informed of the state of their IT resources with more than 50 out-of-the-box reports as well as customizable reports
  • Track and manage costs with visibility across data center and public cloud infrastructure
  • AWS Views: Optimize use of your AWS resource services and reduce cloud spend
  • Service view: Ensure your resource services are meeting business demands
  • Decision support: Reclaim idle EC2 and EBS volumes


TrueSight Cloud Cost Control provides visibility and control over multi-cloud costs including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others.

Simplify Cloud Cost Management

  • Analyze and control your multi-cloud costs
  • Track and manage cloud costs with visibility across multi-cloud infrastructure
  • View actual and forecasted monthly and annual costs for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack and more
  • Predictive analysis to prevent budget overruns with insight to changes in spending
  • Send alerts to stakeholders warning of potential over spending
  • Categorize and view type of multi-cloud services used and costs
  • Track and manage multi-cloud costs by business service or customized views you define

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control Summary


See How to Get Cloud Costs Under Control


Simulate migration

  • Simulate a migration of workloads and applications to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and deploy the right resources at the right cost
  • Compare resource costs of multiple cloud platform providers
  • Determine which cloud resource configurations best fit your needs
  • Optimize resource utilization and cost with “what-if” analysis
  • Compare cost of public cloud resources to on-premises
  • Export migration plans for offline discussions with stakeholders

Migrate Applications to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Optimize Resources and Costs

  • Eliminate wasted spend by right-sizing resources and terminating idle resources and unused storage
  • Maximize savings by effectively managing use of reserved instances
  • Right-size over provisioned resources
  • Spot anomalous usage patterns that increase costs
  • Track cost savings from optimization actions

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Costs


Manage Cloud Operations Budget