IT Service Management

Remedy is transforming service management with people-centric user experiences that help you to work smarter.


Automatically create, detect, manage and resolve incidents faster with context-aware, proactive incident matching
Automate incident and problem management workflow to reduce the number of incidents handled, improve resolution times, and prevent future incidents. Based on ITIL® best practices, Remedy Incident and Problem Management 9 capabilities give IT comprehensive visibility into the vital connections between IT infrastructure and business services.

Optimize IT staff efficiency

  • ITIL CMDB visibility - Gain direct visibility into incidents and problems impacting critical business prioritiesthrough integration with a single BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
  • Out-of-the-box incident resolution-Quick and cost-effective resolution of incidents via auto-assignment, incident enrichment, proactive incident matching and knowledge search, team collaboration, impact analysis, comprehensive trainingand other workflow automation by aligning to ITIL processes.
  • Variety of intake options - Options for intake of new incidents include self-service, chat, social, registration by Service Desk agents, email, and web services.
  • Best-practice problem management - Identify and remove defects from the IT infrastructure to eliminate recurring incidents and stabilize the environment.
  • Minimized downtime - Root cause analysis is accelerated via auto-assignment, service impact analysis, insight into configuration data (CMDB), and other workflow automation.
  • Proactive business insight - KPI dashboards and process-specific reports provide valuable insight to prioritize resources and actions to resolve incidents with the highest business impact first.
  • Integrateall IT service support functions -Change, asset, service-level, service-request, identity, and knowledge management.
  • Reduced call volumes- By providing business usersself-service capabilities of BMC Digital Workplace (formerly MyIT) self-service capabilities
  • Built-in process flow taskbar and interactive process model based on ITIL


Bring key information to customers and support personnel, right where they need it
Remedy Knowledge Management 9 is a complete framework to give your digital workforce the right information in front of the right people at the right time you can reduce the burden and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Create it. Share it. Search it.

  • Mobile Authoring - User-friendly, interactive, template-based articles are easy to create from your desktop browser or the native mobile application.
    • Harness tribal knowledge as soon as you find it with powerful knowledge authoring made for mobile.
    • Create articles from scratch, use templates, identify similar articles or import knowledge from external sources.
  • Embedded Social - Comment, flag, and like your favorite articles with Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) best practices.
  • Self Service - By helping your customers solve their own problems you can deflect calls to the service desk, saving you time and reducing costs.
  • Simple Search - Find what you need quickly and effortlessly with the powerful natural language search capability. Access knowledge from your laptop, mobile, or through interactive chat with Virtual Agent.
  • Integrate Knowledge - Source data from third parties or from historical incidents, problems, and known errors using ITIL knowledge management best practices and make it available to anyone.
  • News flashes and watch lists keep users up to date.
  • Fix Issues Faster - Faster resolutions enable better service and happier customers.


Your single source of reference for your assets and services
The BMC Configuration Management Database (CMDB) enriches ecosystem workflow with a business aware, single source of reference for your assets and services.

  • Combine and federate data from multiple sources
  • Automatically populate and update your CMDB with BMC Discovery, Client Management, and other out-of-the-box connectors
  • Provide the best quality data to your business via KPI driven user experience
  • Graphically visualize your data to more easily understand relationships and dependencies
  • Understand the impact of outages and unavailability on services


BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is an easy-to-use report writer for non-technical users, delivering drag-and-drop simplicity for formatting and data selection.

  • Includes 90 out-of-the-box reports to get started quickly
  • Create custom reports and dashboards
  • Use the storyboard feature to create slide shows with functional report data
  • Share and get insights with collaboration features


Define a catalog of service request types that reflect what services you offer to your internal or external customers

  • Quickly gain efficiencies in the delivery and support of IT services through a self-service solution on top of your existing Remedy ITSM implementation (incident, change, asset, work orders)
  • Provide a centralized catalog of requests (including price, service-level targets, approval rules) to automate and monitor standard requests
  • Enable self-help through knowledge access to reduce the number of calls to the service desk


Manage complexity, simply
Reduce risk and enable digital transformation across the enterprise by planning, tracking, and delivering successful changes with Remedy Change Management 9.

  • 40% reduction in failed changes through controlled release management
  • 55% reduction in cost per change event by using automated collision detection and impact analysis
  • 35% increase in process efficiency with out-of-the-box ITIL® alignment
  • 33% reduction in level-one ticket costs as a result of reduced help-desk calls

Faster change. Lower cost. Fewer errors.

  • Mobile Change - Create, edit and approve changes from the native, mobile Smart IT interface.
  • Collision Detection - Identify conflicting changes proactively and automatically.
  • Impact analysis - Get visibility into the services, assets, and people affected by a change.
  • Multistage Approvals - Ensure required approvals are obtained before any changes are implemented.
  • Change Calendar - Enable your team to collaborate on change planning visually and dynamically.
  • Policy enforcement - Improve change consistency with ITIL and COBIT best practices and compliance with many industry-specific regulations.
  • Closed-loop Change - Integrate with CMDB, automation, cloud management, monitoring, and event management solutions for end-to-end IT Operations Management and DevOps.
  • Configuration Tracking - Detect and manage unauthorized changes to the IT configuration.
  • Performance Insight - Use KPI dashboards and process-specific reports for insight into your change management process for control and optimization.


Asset lifecycle management for the enterprise, from purchase to retirement
Remedy Asset Management 9 provides complete lifecycle management of your IT assets, from procurement to end-of-life, giving full visibility into ownership, deployment, state, context, and cost of ownership and operation.
Seamless integration with Remedy Service Management aligns ITAM to day-to-day business processes. Integration to the BMC CMDB enables IT assets to be managed from legacy hardware through to the public cloud and Internet of Things.

  • Asset costing: Track depreciation over time.
  • Compliance: Software licenses management helps you avoid audit costs.
  • Contract management: Proactively identify contract infringements and purchasing opportunities.
  • Asset tracking: Know where your assets are located, who’s using them, and how many there are.
  • Effective change: Make informed decisions about IT changes.

More strategic use of your assets

Future proof your asset management strategy with support for software, hardware, virtual, cloud and physical assets

  • Visualize - See how your assets are being used, reported, and measured, and understand compliance at a glance through dashboards. Combined view of financial, contractual, and IT data of your assets.
  • Centralize - Consolidate assets from multiple data sources.
  • Plan - Identify cost-benefit improvements to support purchasing decisions.
  • Audit - Comply with internal and external policies, licensing requirements, and contract terms.
  • Automate - Integrate with BMC Discovery and Dependency Mapping to automate discovery, reconciliation, and normalization of assets.


Combine multiple change requests into a single release and to manage all related activity in support of a successful release

  • Track and manage change and deployment activities
  • Automatically notify stakeholders at every phase of the release process
  • Meet auditable requirements for traceability through service transition
  • Deliver changes faster at an optimum cost and with minimized risk


The tools you need to define, track, and report service levels

  • Service insight: Monitor targets, performance, and compliance with dashboards for the business and IT.
  • Service improvement: Use trend data to proactively identify issues, prioritize based on business urgency, and track against continuous service improvement plans.
  • Service excellence: By automating the collection, analysis, and presentation of service level information, you can free your staff to concentrate on delivering excellent service.


Context-aware self-service app that's social, mobile and formless
BMC Digital Workplace provides intuitive and intelligent consumer-like experiences to help organizations step into the future of work.

  • Decrease level-one ticket costs 33% by deflecting routine help-desk calls.
  • Cut IT-related downtime 25% by connecting business users to IT services anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Easily manage service workflows with drag-and-drop editing.
  • Hybrid support to run Digital Workplace in the cloud, connected to your on-premises ITSM solution for simplified deployments.

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