Workload Automation – Control M


Deliver jobs on time, every time
Whether you're driving supply chain efficiencies, executing company payroll, or running any other diverse batch workloads, ensuring visibility, reliability, and SLA performance requires single-point automation and management of job scheduling across disparate systems.

  • Increase productivity with robust workload automation capabilities and an intuitive, graphical user interface
  • Fully automate batch processes across all your critical business applications
  • Ensure complex workflows are submitted, processed, and correctly completed on time
  • Address critical issues with detailed, accurate job analysis before your business is impacted


Simplify and automate file transfer management  
Control-M Managed File Transfer lets you build, schedule, and manage file transfers just like any other batch job. Combining application job workflows and file transfers in a single view improves visibility, control, and administrative costs.  
Consider your file transfers delivered

  • Securely Centralize and automate file transfers and simplify scheduling
  • Align file transfers with business process flows
  • Provide instant visibility into the status of file transfers with an operational dashboard and powerful file transfer search capabilities
  • Improve visibility and control by integrating file transfers with all your applications
Reduce TCO with automatic deployment from a central interface and built-in file transfer server. Cut time between file transfers and next processing steps


Make your data work for you
Companies taking advantage of big data analytics are embracing Hadoop. Since the majority of big data processing is batch, managing jobs and workflows efficiently becomes critical to delivering business value. Control-M for Big Data enables your organization to speed the return on your big data investments.

Automate and accelerate your big data projects

  • Easily create jobs, collaborate on workflows, and schedule and manage batch business services
  • Manage workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface with a single point of control
  • Accelerate time to market since you no longer need to build manual scripts for common tasks
  • Certified for Cloudera, Hortonworks, Map-R, and IBM Hadoop implementations
  • Get a 360-degree view of data pipelines at every stage–from ingestion, to processing, to analytics
  • Reduce costs and improve service delivery with faster Hadoop implementations
  • Automate data ingestion from any application or database from a single point of control
  • Resolve SLA issues before they become critical



Align teams for continuous delivery of applications and services 
DevOps teams require solutions that support both processes and people to successfully develop and deliver applications and services faster with high quality.

  • Leverage Jobs-as-Code to shift-left job scheduling to accelerate app build, test, and validation times speed time and increase application quality.
  • Speed development with APIs and CLIs exposing a rich set of functions to automate workflows across the entire application lifecycle
  • Using Control-M Automation API developers can define, test, and debug scripts earlier in the software development lifecycle.
  • Streamline testing with a preview of production workflows during the testing process
  • Easily embed workflow automation with current toolsets including JSON, Jenkins, GIT and other familiar tools
  • Improve handoffs between development and operations with DevOps best practices


Manage batch services anytime, from anywhere 
Control-M Self Service gives business users real-time, contextual information about their business services and frees IT organizations from having to respond to routine status update requests

  • Stay connected on your iOS or Android mobile devices wherever you go
  • Focus on work, not training–tackle complex challenges with ease from an intuitive interface
  • Rest easy–automatically enforced security policies ensure compliance
  • Be up and running in minutes with easy installation
  • Improves control and compliance
  • Assists compliance auditing
  • Leverages the comprehensive security infrastructure of the Control-M base architecture


Complete batch processing on schedule with predictive analytics and statistics-based early warnings 
Control-M Batch Impact Manager brings a business perspective to batch workflow management. It gives users insight into how changes or disruptions may affect operations and helps them plan corrective action

  • See what matters most with a clear graphical view of jobs as services
  • Problem solved–stay in the know with automated alerts and predictive SLA delay detection
  • Know what’s next with extensive simulation capabilities that help you prevent conflicts and save time
  • Detect potential delays and errors in the batch business process, preventing interruptions to business services


Easily integrate any application workload 
Control-M Application Integrator guides you through the steps for integrating your critical applications with Control-M, resulting in a single, enterprise view.

  • Innovate faster by controlling which apps get integrated, when
  • Works with a variety of application interfaces, including Web Services, REST API, and command line
  • Improve critical app services by designing job types for your service needs
  • ROI realized–leverage crowd-sourced job types from a community of experts
  • Design and schedule workflows for any application
  • Manage batch services, not just individual jobs
  • Monitors workflows against service requirements and connects with virtual or cloud services to automatically provision additional resources as needed and to decommission them when no longer needed


With Control-M Workload Archiving’s ability to quickly search and analyze archived data, application developers and IT operations staff can work together to detect and address challenges supporting improved quality and on-time delivery of critical business services.

  • Identify and resolve issues faster with historical data
  • Simplify audits and ensure compliance with easy-to-navigate historical records
  • Flexible search capabilities quickly deliver the right troubleshooting information
  • Fully integrated with Control-M


Simplify and automate business application delivery
Control-M Workload Change Manager is a collaboration portal that automates and simplifies application workflow creation and modification, resulting in faster application implementation and improved service delivery.

  • Get better insight and control over creating application workflows and improved service delivery
  • Increase business agility with a scalable solution that accelerates change requests by up to 80%
  • Improve app quality with automated enforcement of site standards
  • Create drag-and-drop workflows that eliminate the need for manual scripting
  • Decentralizes the workflow development process without compromising quality or control


Automate discovery and conversion of third-party and embedded platform schedulers 
Control-M Conversion Tool facilitates the conversion to an enterprise-wide, single point of control provided by Control-M. This automated data conversion tool simplifies the process, overcoming the obstacles of cost and time and reducing the risk of errors. 

  • Leverage third-party and embedded schedulers and applications
  • Reduce errors that could occur during manual conversions
  • Cut costs by decreasing conversion times
  • Simplify conversion with automation


Digital business automation meets dynamic resource provisioning 
Control-M can be installed and configured in minutes on leading public cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services® (AWS) and Microsoft® Azure® . With fast and easy provisioning of Control-M, companies can benefit from the economies of scale offered by cloud platforms and increase speed and agility to meet business demands

  • Leverage the flexibility and scalability of your cloud ecosystems
  • Instant provisioning on any machine, any time—including AWS and Azure, Multi-cloud support and hybrid cloud support
  • Cut storage and infrastructure costs while getting all the capacity you need
  • Easier access to cloud services, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Relational Database Services® (RDS), and Elastic Compute Cloud® (EC2), significantly reduce costs related to licensing and labor