Multi-Cloud Management

Make all clouds better with products and services to address your most pressing cloud infrastructure challenges.


To compete in today’s changing business environment, a company’s IT infrastructuremust be agile enough to adapt to changing demands placed on it by both the businessand its employees.

Many businesses turn to the cloud to provide flexibility, since cloudcomputing enables businesses to scale up or down as needed, deliver services morequickly, and requires less resources to manage. In many cases, businesses are usingmore than one cloud service provider to enable these benefits.

In fact, Gartnerpredicts that by 2021, more than half of global enterprises already using cloudtoday will adopt an all-in cloud strategy (Gartner, January 2017).

BMC Multi-Cloud Management solutions enable IT to optimize use of the cloud in the most cost-effective way; ensure the performance of cloud-based applications; deliver accurate asset and dependency information to assist in decision making; remediate multi-cloud security issues based on service impact and business exposure; automate workloads across diverse cloud and on-premises environments; and analyze and assist in smooth migrations to the cloud.


Engage with experts to maximize the benefit of moving to AWS, Azure, and other cloud platform services and ensure smooth migrations to the cloud with guidance on how to assess, what to migrate, what it will cost, and how to keep it secure.
CyberMAK with BMC partners can help you optimize your migration to the cloud with:

  • Create and execute a trouble-free cloud migration plan - Multi-Cloud Strategic Advisory Service to validate and update your strategy for migrating workloads to AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms and develop and assess a cloud management maturity roadmap (people, process, and technology)
  • Develop a cloud service management roadmap for getting to your desired state - Discovery for Multi-Cloud to comprehensively map on-premises, AWS, Azure, and other cloud platform assets
  • Simulate migrations and forecast annual costs - TrueSight Cloud Cost Control to forecast AWS, Azure, and other cloud platform costs to right-size cloud expenses
  • Ensure ongoing security and compliance - TrueSight Cloud Security to continuously assess security and compliance of AWS, Azure, and other cloud platform services


IT and business owners are often surprised and unprepared for the large monthly or annual expenses from cloud providers. With buyers of public cloud services throughout the organization, it is challenging for IT to keep costs under control.
Understand the cost of migrating to AWS, Azure, and other cloud platform services before you make the move.

  • Simulate migrations to AWS, Azure, and other cloud platform services and deploy the right resources by comparing costs to predict and manage cloud budgets
  • Forecast and align cloud expenses with business needs through customized views and resource costs
  • Manage on-premises and cloud capacity to make the most of current and future resources
  • Optimize resource usage by identifying unused services
  • Automate cost reporting

Our Solutions:
TrueSight Cloud Cost Control › Visualize, analyze, and forecast multi-cloud costs

TrueSight Capacity Optimization  › Align multi-cloud resources with service demands

Gain Control of Multi-Cloud Costs


Every business is under competitive pressure to provide services across multi-cloud, multi-device, and multi-channel environments with the highest accuracy and speed, and at the lowest cost. BMC makes it easy to streamline service delivery and meet user demands across the range of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid IT services.

  • Collaborate effectively with service vendors to troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Tightly integrate incident and change management with leading agile development solutions
  • Audit service performance capabilities to measure service integrity
  • Deliver a seamless service experience across the enterprise

Our Solutions:

BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management › Deliver a seamless service experience across multi-cloud environments


Build a holistic view of all your data center, AWS, Azure, and other cloud platform service assets, as well as their relationships. Without comprehensive visibility into multi-cloud environments, IT cannot consolidate and prioritize fixes, perform audits, or know what assets support which parts of the business.

  • Visualize assets and dependencies in a single pane of glass, whether on premises or in the public or private cloud
  • Comprehensive map of hybrid assets
  • Automate dependency mapping to ensure that nothing breaks after migration
  • Ensure seamless inventory, security, migration, and change management

Our Solutions:
Discovery for Multi-Cloud › See all your IT assets and dependencies whether on premises or in the public or private cloud


IT operations teams need to ensure the speed and performance of applications delivered to end users from complex multi-cloud environments. The scale at which IT needs to monitor data and identify problems cannot be effectively managed by humans alone. They must leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to get the job done.

  • Monitor and manage integrated cloud and data center performance
  • Manage performance of business critical applications
  • Ensure optimal end-user experiences
  • Perform rapid root cause analysis
  • Ensure peak performance and availability for your mission-critical data, at lower cost

Our solutions:
TrueSight for Multi-Cloud › Plan, run, and optimize multi-cloud infrastructure, applications, and services

AIOps › Leverage machine learning, analytics, and big data technologies to identify patterns in data otherwise beyond human comprehension


Application development organizations in a multi-cloud environment can be slowed by manual workflow processes. Automating orchestration of data, applications, and infrastructure across different cloud environments speeds innovation and time to market.

  • Reinvent enterprise IT with intelligent automation
  • Orchestrate data, workflows, applications, and infrastructure
  • Centrally manage diverse systems to reduce repetitive tasks, solve problems quickly, and add ability to scale
  • Automatically provision cloud servers and services, and future-proof your mainframe with AI, machine learning, and analytics
  • Manage complex hybrid workflows
  • Integrate DevOps processes

Our solutions:
Control-M Automate diverse workflows across multi-cloud and software-defined infrastructures

TrueSight Server Automation › Provision, configure, patch, and maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers


With the dynamic nature of multi-cloud applications, it’s critical to align the activities of security, operations, and development teams to maintain security and compliance.

  • Achieve security and compliance across the enterprise
  • Prioritize and automate remediation
  • Ensure up-to-date compliance
  • Find and fix security and compliance gaps automatically and reduce business risk
  • Ensure integrity of business-critical data
  • Be audit ready all the time

Our solutions:
TrueSight Vulnerability Management › Prioritize and remediate risks based on impact to the business

TrueSight Cloud Security › Embed compliance and security testing into the software development lifecycle