Digital Business Automation

Digital Business Automation bridges today’s infrastructure, data, and applications to modern digital-first technologies.


Unlock new sources of revenue, unique competitive advantage, and operational excellence with digital business automation. Quickly respond to changes and embrace new technologies while maximizing infrastructure value.

Fast Track Digital Automation

Automation Solutions for Infrastructure

Manage workflows for multi-cloud and software-defined infrastructures transitioning to multi-cloud, software-defined and containerized resources require new and more adaptive automation capabilities.

  • Accelerate delivery of digital business services with simple, unified batch workload management
  • Automate and manage workloads from a single point of control
  • Enable business users to perform basic tasks in real time, improving productivity
  • Extend workflow automation to public, private, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Eliminate complex database maintenance and availability challenges by easily provisioning, installing, and configure Control-M on the public cloud

Automation Solutions for Data

  • File Transfer - Securely automate files transfers from a central interface
  • Synchronize data from a variety of sources and formats
  • Big Data - Deliver big data to production initiatives faster while continuously improving services
  • Operationalize/Democratize data to new stakeholders across the enterprise beyond the business intelligence team. Help employees and business analysts uncover new business opportunities.
  • Automating and consolidating disparate data sources - Database Systems - Automate batch workloads across different database systems
  • Better manage volatile, event-driven data surges

Automation Solutions for Applications

  • DevOps ›
    • Accelerate application development with Jobs-as-Code. Digital business is all about speed—nowhere more critical than application delivery. Ensuring speed of releases, scalability, and quality requires automating the application development lifecycle with a new approach called Jobs-as-Code.
  • Change Management ›
    • Accelerate development by shifting-left job creation earlier in the application development lifecycle
    • Simplify application workflows to speed up service delivery
  • Integration ›
    • Extend the power of Control-M to any application workload
    • Bridge the gap between development and operations to reduce rework
    • Continuously develop and deploy enterprise-ready applications

Automation API Overview

Power digital business automation: Go beyond traditional workload automation

Workload Automation – Control M

Control-M, a digital business automation solution, simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads. At the center of infrastructure, data, and applications, it improves SLAs and accelerates application deployment.

  • Automate job scheduling and application deployment
  • Realize the potential of big data
  • Take control of your file transfer operations
  • Enable DevOps collaboration with a Jobs-as-Code approach
  • Near-zero downtime upgrades