AIOps And Machine Learning

AIOps applies machine learning and advanced analytics techniques to identify patterns in monitoring, service desk, and automation data that is so vast it is otherwise beyond human comprehension.


Digital business transformation is driving IT organizations to reconsider how to ensure infrastructure and application performance. Speed, scale, and complexity brought on by multi-cloud infrastructure and digitization stress traditional rules-based performance monitoring and management. Adopting AIOps empowers IT operations to:
  • Manage the performance of highly distributed, modular IT and multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Support the speed of application architecture change and DevOps adoption
  • Proactively identify problems driving the majority of incidents in the IT environment
  • Manage digital agent interactions, either human or machine, at the edge of the infrastructure

Key elements of an AIOps approach

Implementing an AIOps approach goes beyond getting better analytics for existing data. Building the basis for a machine learning system that will yield continuous insights requires:

Open Data Access

Of the four key elements, the most critical is open data access.  Challenges:

  • Core IT will always have multiple technologies and systems of record from different vendors. These will also vary across IT disciplines.
  • Freeing data from its organizational silos for big data aggregation and analysis is perhaps the most difficult challenge facing IT teams trying to implement AIOps.

Solution: An effective AIOps platform must have a data schema that can consume data from a variety of IT sources, and structure, tag, and organize it to be useful for consistent and repeatable analysis.

Big Data Scale and Speed

An AIOps big data platform must also support responsive ad-hoc data exploration and deep queries. Big data technologies, originally created to handle large data lakes from data warehouses, have rapidly evolved into not just scalable but responsive data manipulation engines that can meet the needs of AIOps. Challenges:

  • Digital transformation means high volumes of rapidly changing IT data.
  • Traditional relational data warehouses are neither scalable nor responsive enough to support the quantity and speed of digital data.


  • AIOps represents the unification of deep data research and online, real-time analytics to elevate IT decision making.
  • Analysis needs to take place in real-time on data as it comes in – not only offline, but whenever resources are available.

Machine Learning

AIOps enables IT to move from rule-based, human management of analysis to machine-assisted analysis and machine learning systems. This is required not only because of limits to the amount and complexity of analysis human agents can achieve, but also to enable a level of change adaptation that hasn’t been possible.

  • Pattern matching - Machine learning applies the computational power and speed of machines to the discovery and correlation of patterns in IT data.
  • IT systems, users and ecosystems exhibit behaviors and relationships that can point to root causes, isolate issues, and indicate future problems.
  • It does this more and faster than human agents and dynamically changes the algorithms used by analytics based on changes in the data.

AIOps and Automation

AIOps should be applied by the system automatically based on the data, without the need for user intervention and decision.
Delivering machine-assisted analytics at scale on high volumes of digital IT data is useless if the outcomes still require human intervention.

  • AIOps connects and drives automation in the hyper-complex, multi-source cloud environment.
  • AIOps can generate workflows and measure the effects of those processes, feeding the results back into the system as data to be analyzed and learned from.


Reduce costs and errors through IT process automation  
TrueSight Orchestration (formerly BMC Atrium Orchestrator) coordinates workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to automate critical IT processes. Lower the cost of server, network, and database audits by up to 25%, reduce MTTR for common service problems up to 35%, and cut manual work by 90%.
  • IT Process Automation (ITPA): Execute standard processes through automated workflows to reduce manual intervention and improve consistency and accelerate service delivery while lowering cost.
  • Pre-built content: Get thousands of pre-built workflows that deliver fast time to value and adapt when your business changes.
  • Graphical design: Build and maintain workflows through a graphical development studio.
  • Application connectivity: Simplify configuration of application interfaces through connectors and a mapping wizard.
  • Centralized console: Control and monitor workflow execution through a central console to ensure process uptime.
  • Scale and performance: Built on a grid-based architecture as a stateless application to make scaling easier and performance better.

Four ways TrueSight Orchestration gives you a competitive edge

Event Automation 
Stop chasing routine events—automate resolution 
High volumes of system, network, and application events can bog down your operations team with recurring problems.

  • Automate the resolution of recurring events that have standard remediation processes.
  • TrueSight Orchestration works with TrueSight Operations Management and other event management solutions to take IT Operations from incident response to automated, proactive problem management.
  • Get a holistic view into the health and security of your IT infrastructure including security events
  • Validate an event or fault, create an incident and change ticket, automatically execute remediation, and close out change record

Closed-Loop Change and Configuration

Simplify process compliance without administrative burden 
Servers are updated frequently with patches and configuration changes to improve performance or close security vulnerabilities. Each of these changes must be tested, approved, and documented.

  • TrueSight Orchestration works with TrueSight Server Automation, and TrueSight Network Automation to automate process compliance while reducing labor cost and errors.
  • Create incidents and change requests automatically
  • Automatically execute remediation and close out change records
  • Create audit-ready, traceable processes to prove compliance
  • Reduce application downtime from unplanned changes

Service Desk Automation

Deliver IT services faster, without manual touch 
Organizations are modernizing their service desk operations with mobile access and newer web interfaces. However, each call to the service desk requires human interaction, even for routine, repeatable tasks

  • TrueSight Orchestration works with Remedy Service Management and other service desks to automate fulfillment of self-service requests and save money, time by automating manual service desk processes
  • Shift from costly Level 1 and Level 2 support to self-service automated fulfillment, such as for account unlock, password reset, access to systems and applications, and employee onboarding
  • Integrate with leading service management software for process approval and compliance
  • Improve quality of service and customer satisfaction with consistent results

Run and reinvent IT Operations to build more agile enterprise


TrueSight is an AIOps platform that helps complex and growing enterprises reinvent how IT Operations delivers fast, secure, and cost-effective services.


Dynamically learn the behaviour of your infrastructure and applications with AIOps 
TrueSight Operations Management delivers end-to-end performance monitoring and event management. It uses AIOps to dynamically learn behavior, correlate, analyze, and prioritize event data so IT operations teams can focus on the most business-critical issues. 
Use machine learning to identify, analyze, and resolve application and infrastructure problems–fast

The critical capabilities to address your multi-cloud infrastructure

  • Service-aware: Manage infrastructure components and communicate with business stakeholders based on their apps and services
  • Analytics-driven: Accelerate real-time insights using machine learning and algorithms optimized for IT Ops, and reduce the need for data scientists
  • Task and process automation: Make the most of current staff and accelerate standard process workflows using industry-leading IT Process Automation
  • Data center: Consolidate tooling and manage the scale of traditional data centers supporting legacy applications and the latest custom app platforms.
  • IaaS: Optimize server, network, and storage capacity before migrating app workloads to public cloud IaaS, then manage those workloads using the same tools you use on-premises.
  • Cloud native: Optimize cloud spend and ensure the safe configuration of services, containers, and applications built natively on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Achieve real value in your enterprise by using TrueSight

  • Deliver 99.99% uptime on application services
  • Reduce event noise and MTTR by 50% or more
  • Remediate vulnerabilities in hours rather than weeks
  • Save 1000+ hours/month on compliance activities
  • Manage 66% more servers without adding staff
  • Increase server density up to 5X
  • Consolidate tools to save money and standardize


BMC ITSM (IT Service Management) solutions blend modern digital services design with best-practice ITSM principles to excel in service management.
Remedy is powerful, intuitive service management for the digital enterprise, on-premises or in the cloud. Remedy is transforming service management with people-centric user experiences that help you to work smarter.

Enterprise Digital Service Management

Enterprise-class service management must combine high levels of automation and integration with the ease of intuitive self-service to enable the breakthroughs in productivity that help you compete and win.

With Remedy Service Management you can:

  • Enable your Service Desk to be 75% more productive with formless ticket entry
  • Ensure essential task coverage including incident and problem management, change and release management, knowledge management, asset management, and mobile self-service
  • Use social and collaboration tools to provide context-aware insights to help IT work smarter. Stunning reports and visualizations allow intuitive exploration of data.
  • Integrate with IT operations management tools to reduce incident volume and speed problem resolution
  • Embedded ITIL® v3 processes, with best practice reports and KPIs, available out-of-the-box
  • Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management provides a seamless service experience across multi-cloud environments
  • Cognitive capabilities transform the agent experience
  • Container deployment lets you run Helix Remedy on any type of public cloud
  • Native mobile apps let you use the full power of Remedy anywhere

Modern, Cost-Efficient Service Desk - Right-sized IT for your growing business

We understand you face the same challenges as larger enterprises but with a smaller staff and tighter budget. Our service desk solutions help extend your IT resources and free up staff to focus on growing the business.

  • Remedyforce, built on Salesforce App Cloud, provides high-speed service management with minimal capital investment.

Choose the complete Remedy suite or one of these options.

Service Desk

For an amazing service desk experience. Modern, social, and mobile with self-service apps that can transform the digital workplace. Includes:

  • Self-Service App/ Service Request Management
  • Incident & Problem Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • CMDB/ Configuration Management
  • Smart Reporting
Service Optimization

To empower those who manage and transform IT. A set of tools to manage the most complex of enterprises. Includes:

  • Change Management
  • Asset Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Release Management